We actively promote our sustainability agenda as an integral part of our business conduct, adhere to good practices that reduce the environmental impacts of all our activities and encourage our clients and partners to do the same. This endeavour and its resultant policy are strongly supported by our management.

Our Environment & Social Sustainability Policy includes practices guided by our values and principles that are benchmarked against EarthCheck, the world’s leading scientific benchmarking and certification group. Leading by example, Suntec Singapore aims to inspire a positive change in the MICE industry and make lasting contributions to our community.

Our Sustainable Business Guide

These guidelines form the basis of our practices that make our sustainability policy tangible and effective. 

  • Compliance – To comply with, and exceed where practicable, all applicable relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice
  • Business Conduct – To integrate environmental and social sustainability considerations into all our business activities within our supply chain
  • Employee Communication – To ensure our staff are aware of our sustainability policy and are committed to its implementation and improvement
  • Stakeholder Communication – To promote awareness of our sustainability policy among clients and suppliers, and encourage them to adopt sound sustainability management policies
  • Annual Benchmarking and Improvement – To review our sustainability performance annually and benchmark for continuous improvement


Our Practices

These practices, aligned with our Sustainable Business Guide, are actionable steps which we take every day to realise our sustainability policy. 

  • Support, comply and exceed the requirements of the guidelines set by EarthCheck
  • Practise and promote the 3Rs approach (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) throughout our operations
  • Minimise energy and water consumption within our building and promote conservation of natural resources
  • Reduce usage and production of printed collaterals within our building
  • Create a working environment that encourages and facilitates green practices
  • Integrate potential environment impacts and social sustainability considerations in decision-making and business activities
  • Choose biodegradable products from sustainable sources where possible
  • Source local products and services that espouse sustainable practices where possible
  • Commit to principles of fair trade and ensure purchasing policy is in place for services, goods, local food and other consumables
  • Promote environmental awareness among employees
  • Educate employees to consider potential environmental impacts arising from their work
  • Employ and empower local employees where possible
  • Communicate our commitment to sustainability and encourage clients, partners, suppliers, contractors and the public to support this endeavour
  • Review and continuously improve our sustainability policy annually by conducting evaluations using EarthCheck Assessment exercises

To achieve these best practices espoused by our Environment & Social Sustainability Policy, we have appointed all Division Heads as members of the EarthCheck Team, which is responsible for improving our company’s sustainability performance.

We also encourage all staff members to become representatives of our commitment to environmental and social sustainability, when dealing with all our key stakeholders such as clients, partners, suppliers and contractors.

Let’s create memorable experiences aligned with our Environment & Social Sustainability Policy to ensure we are The Preferred Place To Meet, where everything just works.